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Friday, June 17, 2011

Alex and Marcella's post-wedding

I was summoned from the bridal to serve two couples in their pre-wedding.. *well, sort of*

We started the session in the studio. Since the sun is still bright and it was brightening the whole studio so I grab that advantage so I can use the sun as my key light. A Jinbei M300B was placed nearby as my third-light, which take a role in both backlight, and background light. As for the fill light, I had utilized a really cheap external flash mounted on my hot-shoe. 
So there you have it, a three( more like four point because of the backlight + background light but I only used three lights) point lighting technique. 
p/s : Yes I am aware that the sun is a very strong light source. I used a curtain to diffuse it. =)

After having some fun in the studio, we migrates to our pre-wed location. Boy the wind was blowing hard. I mean really HARD! It's so hard that my brother's reflector which was a present for me to help me in my photography, flew a few times and I had to run to catch it. Anyways, I still get to catch this shot. 

Notice the bride's hair? That should show you guys the wind. And if you looked at the background, at the beach,  you will notice that there's soft-puffy-glowish thing filling the sea-shore. That is actually water-vapors that was brought from the sea by the wind. Yeah! It contains salt-vapor as well, WHICH IS NOT good for your lens.

A really nice pose which I really like to use especially against couples. HAHA! 
And by the way, just for your information, the veil was not held by my assistant or any person. The wind did that. I told you the wind were swift.

The groom asks me, whether he can make requests to take their picture or not. I replied, sure of course! So he brought his bride and ask me to follow him to this place where the fishermen hangs their fishing nets. Coincidentally, a pile of coconut leaves were stacked on the sand so they can sat there and they did. He explains on how to take the shot of what he had in mind. I think he meant this. HAHA! 
Credits to Tokina 12-24mm for it's super wide-angle here. The horizon is a bit slanted but, it doesn't REALLY matter to me because there's no harm in it.

I didn't forget to took a solo picture, one for the groom and another for the bride *below* . 
Posed and composed by me and I like the shot.  heh heh... 

Yeaaaaa man! that's what I was talking about. We stumbled across a new chalet built recently ( it wasn't there when I had my first photoshoot at the same place ), and the manager's assistant was asking if anything they could help out. We said we're fine but she lends us a key to one of the room anyways. Inside, there's a nice, plain, brown curtain. I noticed the outfit and the curtain's color was almost the same so maybe I said, just maybe I could create art with it. At least I created a fabulous lighting technique here. Thank you to the nearby creamy-wall which takes part as a light *flash* reflector. A bed-lamp was switched on to help the lighting.

And then we step outside of the chalet and just do a romantic pose, and shoot. The people nearby especially girls was looking at us probably thinking, ' aww how sweet! ', or maybe, ' seeing them makes me wanna marry sooner ', OR JUST MAYBE, 'OH! That young photographer is just so handsome'...  No I'm kidding but seriously, I guess I am. LOL! HAHAHAHAHA!

I had wish the veil's color was different than white *transparent white*, because in this picture, the veil and the sky just blends in with the same exposure. 
Well, this here is my favorite shot for the whole photo session. I accidentally blurred their faces but it turns out to be a good accident. 
And the photo is cropped, BIG CROP! 


-Jerry- said...

job well done. pro. you could usually get easy 300rm for this one. wats the price tag?

Anonymous said...

manyak bagus ini gambar o..#5 and #7 especially.Love, Brian

Kevin L said...

nondu.. same price.. RM100.. hehe

Miki Aya said...

Not bad at all :) Good job!

monty said...

Nice Coverage!!

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