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Thursday, July 9, 2015

How the economy works.

We hear the word 'economy', pretty much everywhere in our daily lives. But what does economy means actually? And how does it actually works?
I will try my best to explain, in a simple manner, of how the economy actually works.

Now, when there are two parties, a business transaction happens. Business transactions are basically the exchange of money with goods or services. To make sure that everything is understandable, we need to identify the definition of each of the terms as given, goods, services and money.
Goods are tangible products (things we can touch) that we need in our lives to satisfy our wants, or needs. For examples, televisions, toasters, fans, computers, chairs, we can touch all these things and use it with accordance to our needs or wants.
Services in other hand are intangible commodity that satisfy our needs and wants as well. It is usually our desire to witness, feel or require from a certain skill that another party has acquired but it cannot be touched. Examples are as follows, asking a singer to perform in a concert at a wedding, or getting a massage from a masseuse, or attending lectures in academy institutions to learn about the economy.
Money is divided into two which are cash and credit.
Cash are, well, the cash you actually already have in your hand, or wallet, or bank account which you can consider to be yours in ownership.
Credit is basically cash that you own from someone else but will reimburse them in the future, or putting it simply in other word, loans.
A business transaction happens when you exchange your money (cash+credit) for goods and service, or so it goes the other way around.

Keep in mind that a person's spending is another person's income. Since business transaction is a process of exchanging that involves money, the party who receives the money in a business transaction will spend the money to yet another party to maintain productivity and then will sell it back to consumers to generate income.
Getting confused? Let's take a look in my self made-up example.
A is a machinery company, B is a bakery, and C is a wheat farmer. A exchanges money for bread to consume from B, so the money received in B will be used to buy more wheat from C in order to bake more breads. C in the other hand is going to need proper machinery in order to maintain an effective and efficient farming, in which he will use the income received to buy machines from A.
The circle goes on and on and on infinitely, and this is what we call, money circulation.

Now, since there are so many people in any country, hence, there is a lot of product/services demands with a counterpart of product/services supplies which makes business transaction plural and I meant it in a big way. There are millions of business transactions that is taking place as we speak or in this case, as I type. The business transactions does not focus on a single product only, I mean everyone does not trade only sugar with each other for the rest of our lives. The classification of goods is not one. People trades lots of stuff, and I mean A LOT. We have wheat, sugar, computers, chairs, pianos, violins, and well, basically, everything else.
Let's try to take wheat as an example. The classification of wheat in goods is a single market of wheat, or the wheat market. Remember, there are a lot of classifications in goods and services, and each of it has its own market. The market of trading computers, the market of trading sugars and so on. If we put all of these markets together, you will find that people are having business transactions in various types of markets, and voila, this is what you call 'the economy'.

Actually, there is this thing that drives the economy which is called, consumers spending. But I will try to post that in the future.
In the mean time, I hope you have found my blog or this post to be informative for your knowledge. As of now, thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The battle of the 250cc's

Thing is, I love bikes, I love them so much, I even take a stroll around the city in the middle of the night, sometimes.
Currently, I am using a Yamaha bike that is only produced in Southeast Asia but lately, I'm feeling for an upgrade.

I'm using a Yamaha FZ150i or in a certain country(ies), it is known as the Yamaha Vixion.
Let's start being geeky with the specifications. The 2010 version of FZ150i has an engine displacement of 149.8 cubic cm with 14.8 horsepower. It can go up to 130-140km/h tops if you know how to handle the throttling and if you're going downhill with full acceleration.
Single-cylinder, SOHC system, four valves, and four-stroked.
Bore/stroke ratio is around 0.9 something so it's under-squared which means it has more power during low-revs.
My recommendation, if you're buying this bike, you should throw a few extra hundred ringgits to replace the stock handlebar to something more sporty-ish. It's very uncomfortable to use a high handlebar for long trips with this bike although you don't have to worry about overheating because it is liquid-cooled.
The bike uses an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system as carburetion so you can save lots of fuel.
Fuel capacity is 12 liters so that's quite enough for a 150cc bike.

I'm considering to sell this bike, so if you're interested, I'll give a contact number at the bottom of this post.
I'll even throw in a PDK racing exhaust for free. (although you will get a ticket from relevant authorities if you customize the exhaust) ;)

Reason for selling? I'm just not into naked bikes, some people does, though. And the seat is too high, I can't reach the ground with my both feet. HAHA!
I like sport designs much better although sport-bikes aren't suitable for all kinds of terrains such as gravel.
You can buy certain parts to customize the bike to make it look more sporty but it will cost you in around RM500-RM1,000.
The performance is great, really powerful pick up speed due to it's under-square engine type.

'Nuff said, let the battle begin. 

Recently, I've been comparing bikes of 250cc (maximum engine displacement for a Malaysian B2 license holder), mainly only 3 kinds of bikes in particular that I have in my mind.
1. 2013 Honda CBR250R (non-ABS)
2. 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 2-cylinders
3. Yamaha YZF-R25

Now, among these three, there's pros and cons in terms of performance and style and I can't seem to make up my mind which should I upgrade to.

First up, the 2013 Honda CBR250R (non-ABS)

non-ABS stands for no anti braking system, which means it will skid if you perform an emergency brake during high-speeds, WHICH ALSO MEANS more prone to accidents if you like to speed but I love to skid..........even though it wastes the tire tracks much faster and leads more money-wasting. lol.
Now, the CBR250R has a:-
Engine displacement of 249.4cc
25-26 horsepower (decent but not so much for a 250cc; what I would like to call strolling performance not racing. It can go up to around 140km/h)
Single-cylinder DOHC engine, 4 valves
Compression ratio of 10.4:1
6-speed drive, liquid-cooled (radiator, good for long-trips)
Fuel-injected with 12.8 liters fuel capacity (programmed so it saves fuel because the oil consumption rate are fixed)
Bore/stroke ratio of 1.38:1 (over-square but not too much over, better power in high-revs)

That's about what I would like to highlight on the specs, there's more but I'll call it miscellaneous.

In terms of performance, it's the poorest among the three compared.
I like it because Honda has released Repsol-designed CBR250Rs to make you feel like you're riding on a motoGP bike, and not to forget, you can design this bike's exhaust piping to under-tail exhaust.
Under-tail exhaust is a design where the exhaust of the bike is placed right on the bottom of the seat. I don't know, in my opinion I think it looks cool. (refer to above picture to see the under-tail exhaust)

Next up is the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 2-cylinders in my favorite design.
Plain metallic lime-green.
Note: This is not the Ninja 250 SL version which only have 4 valves. cheapskates..

Now, I really love this bike, great performance and stylish so it's somewhere in the balance category.
248cc, DOHC 8-valve, 4-stroked.
PARALLEL TWIN ENGINE!! (I love these kinds of engines in small displacement bikes)
30 horsepower (pretty good, top speed would be around 160-170km/h)
Compression ratio of 11.6:1 (which is somehow good; or at least better performing than the CBR)
6-speed drive, liquid-cooled (radiator), and also electronic fuel-injected (18.2 liters fuel capacity)
Here's the fun part, bore/stroke ratio is 1.5:1, very over-squared so I'm guessing this bike has low pick-up speed but very fast top speed at high-revs, high-geared. (and will require frequent bore-stroke maintenance due to the short-stroke)

A'ight, I would like to highlight that this bike uses a parallel twin engine, which means there's 2 cylinders outflow so you can fit in 2 exhaust pipings.

So you have 2 options whether you want to use the 2-into-1 exhaust system,
you can use both of the pipes and slip on 2 exhausts, place it on left and right (which would look so cool IMO)
so it will look like this (notice the dual exhaust)

The last but not least (but probably is), is the Yamaha YZF-R25, which is also the fastest among the three.
Surely not the coolest name but I'll stick by calling it the R25.

Now it is the fastest of among the three 250cc's because it generates 35.5 horsepower, which is very fast, at least for a 250cc engine displacement bike.
The bore/stroke ratio is 1.36:1 so it's somewhere balance, nice pickup, nice top-speed.
Compression ratio similar to the Ninja 250 which is 11.6:1
Fuel-injected with 14.3 liters fuel capacity.
4-stroked, liquid-cooled, Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) 8-valved, dual-cylinders engine
6-speed drive
and this beast can go up to 175km/h.
I am so falling in love with this bike because it's like both the pros in Honda and Kawasaki is merged together into one Yamaha, I mean how cool is that?
I can have dual-exhaust since it has dual-cylinders.

So, if you have an opinion about these three bikes, or interested to buy my bike to allow me upgrade to one of these three bikes, please leave a comment below.
And as promised, here is my contact number, you may only call or text me : +6014 555 2912

Friday, April 10, 2015

Kedai Kopi Yii Siang

Kedai Kopi Yii Siang serves one of the best Hainan Ngiu Chap in KK, that is in my opinion. It is located behind Cherry Klubb at Inanam. I visited here twice just to taste their ngiu chap and I don't mind visiting here for a hundred more.

First is their normal Hainan Ngiu Chap. It's the typical ngiu chap served with red meat, and meatballs and tendons which are too delicious. 

It costs RM9 and I don't know if that is the price with Goods and Services Tax included or not. Well, personally I think the taste for this menu is very usual, like how a ngiu chap should taste like but it's still very tasty. 

But, I would like to highlight another menu that sounds very unique, it's like no other and it's called 'ngiu chap laksa'.
This post is going to be a short post because I don't even know how to describe this dish. I mean it's indescribable in a good way. It's too delicious I'd give it a 9 over 10. Although it costs a bit more expensive than the Hainan Ngiu Chap which is RM11 for a bowl of ngiu chap laksa. They have very soft tendons, probably steamed for like 2 days, you can eat it like chewing gum.
The meat is sweet and the taste of the beef really 'fits into your mouth'. 😅😅

The shop opens as early as 6:30am and closes at 2pm. Yeah they close pretty early, I haven't even wake up by the time they close their shop. 😂😂

It's been 3 hours since I consumed this meal and I can still taste the beef in my mouth.......wait there's a meat stuck in between my teeth. Haha

As I mentioned earlier, it is located at Inanam, behind the Cherry Club but I'll give the directions anyway. 

Please, if you're having your lunch here, don't go all alone, even if you are going with 23 friends, please bring me with you. 😂

I realised that I don't search for foods, I just went to try it after I see posted it in their website. So the credits goes to them, I'm just helping them to actually taste the food and share it to you guys. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap is a restaurant, famous for its' delicious Ngiu Chap (beef noodle soup) located at Hilltop. Their ngiu chap is undeniably one of the best ngiu chap you can find in KK. It is incomparable to Menggatal Ngiu Chap because Kah Hiong's have their own in preparing ngiu chaps so it tastes good in a different way. 

Last time, I paid around RM13 for a bowl of ngiu chap and one neslo ping. It does cost a bit expensive but I can assure your lust will be fulfilled. 

The soup is very tasty and you can really feel the high viscosity, I mean it is really thick. I love the outer layer of the meat, so tender and juicy. 

If you are not into soups and stuff, I recommend you to order the Kon Lau Kuey Teow. The preparation is basically are the same of that Kon Lau Mian(dry sauce noodle), except for the part that they use Kuey Teow as noodle. 

There are too much ingredients on their sauce, it is indescribable, it is so delicious, I will die if I consume these foods daily. They even serve my kon lau with a bowl of ngiu chap, I mean how cool is that? I paid RM11 for one bowl of ngiu chap soup, a bowl of kon lau kuey teow and one glass of milo ping. I get all sleepy after taking these foods, because who doesn't when their tummy's happier than a dwarf with a pot of gold.

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap opens their shop at 7am and closes at 3pm, although I've been here twice, in both times, I can see they are having a problem to close on time because customers are still filling in the seats even after 3pm (including me). 
The shop got outdoor seatings and if you come at lunch hour, it is very hard to find a vacant table for you to sit on and enjoy your meal.

According to the menu board, they don't serve pork so it should be 'halal' but their foods are so good, I'm starting to suspect that they are using lards (pig fat) in their ingredients but let's not make speculations shall we? 

The shop is located at Hilltop, it's nearby Lintas Plaza, Penampang. Just search in keyword 'Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap' in Google Maps or refer to the pictures below:-

The actual location is at the dropped pin and not the one stated on the map. Well, that's only a matter of accuracy, if you get to the place, you will find it.

p/s : the owner got a sexy, and arrogant daughter, just the way I like it. RAWRR! 😏

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Kedai Kopi Nyuk Pau Baru (Pekan Menggatal branch)

As of 23rd February 2015, it was very hot and I was out of campus to grab some lunch but I didn't know where to go so I strolled down to Pekan Menggatal to taste the oh-so-famous-Ngiu Chap there and it was undeniably one of the tastiest, juiciest Ngiu Chap I have ever tasted. Well, basically it tastes exactly the same like the Ngiu Chap at the Kedai Kopi Nyuk Pau Baru 2 near Politeknik Kota Kinabalu. I eventually found out that both of these shops are owned by husband and wife. The husband manages the restaurant at KKIP branch and the wife manages the restaurant at Pekan Menggatal branch.

If you want my suggestion, I always order my ngiu chap with 'mi halus' and put a few drops of 'lada' in it, and order a Cola with ice or Neslo Ping but my they didn't make my neslo ping 'kaw' enough so just go with the Cola with ice to be safe.

I don't know about the other customers but the chef served my ngiu chap with some marrow bones, the stuff that looks like bone but is soft enough to be consumed and is edible. It is quite crunchy as well but I personally didn't like it but I know some of you do.

I paid my meal which includes one Neslo Ping and one bowl of Ngiu Chap for RM13 so I assume that the standard pricing of one Neslo Ping is RM3 so that makes RM10 for the Ngiu Chap. I know it's quite pricey but the meal is definitely worth it if you are a ngiu chap lover. 'Don't believe me just watch' - Mark Ronson (Uptown Funk)

The vendor close the shop at around 3pm so you should hurry up before the place closes.

The downside however, if you are a person with a high standard of living, it is hard to eat here because some customers who go here haven't had the chance to learn the proper courtesy of civilization. They would spit foul things like phlegms and shit into their bowl after they have finished eating. I mean like, your bowl probably have been done the same by previous customers.

Outdoor seating is available by the way. My ratings would be 9/10. It's so good it deserved a 9. In IMDb, there is not much 9 rated movies so it's very rare to get a 9. Here are the directions to reach the spot: Just type the keyword 'Kedai Kopi Nyuk Pau Baru' in Google Maps or probably any other navigation application you have on your smartphone or if you're a classic, old-school type of guy, just use a tangible map and go to this direction:

If you are planning to go here, jangan lupa tapau untuk saya ok? Or if you're a hot chick, preferably single, gimme a buzz at :-

Call/SMS : 014-5552912
Whatsapp/Wechat/Line : 014 - 2181724
Social networks : Kevin J. Lundoh or kevinlundoh

Promosi diri sebentar.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Restarting blog.

It's been 3 years since my last post in this blog. I deleted a lot of posts, well I didn't delete it, I just put the privacy which only I can see those old posts. It just sounded so naive.

So anyway, let me start again from the introductions.

I am Kevin Jerry Lundoh, a guy who's about to finish the accounting diploma at Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara Cawangan Kota Kinabalu. Macam skema pula.
I'm a guy who rides a blue Yamaha FZ150i, usually alone, around KK and my hometown is located at Kota Marudu, so if you're in between these routes, chances are we probably would stumble somewhere.

I was born on '94 so yeah I am still very young. I like to think myself as a social person because I go around and make friends with other people so feel free to talk to me anytime, anywhere you meet me. Just make sure you talk appropriately. Courtesy plays an important role in my life so try to use a lot of common sense when interacting with me.
Also, I am a guy who lack sense of confidence.

Let's see now, things I love? No person at this moment yet but I do love a lot of things. I am a camera geek, I used to think myself as a photographer but then I realised that I love the camera more than the pictures I took so I am very nerdy about the EXIF, the lenses and shits.

I love bikes and expensive cars. I just love them, 'nuff said. I mean they just look so cool, who doesn't like them?

I love to hunt foods and delicacies around KK for now, and probably will start a guidebook on where to eat for tourists who makes their way in KK for the first time if this blog is renowned enough. So please have your support on me, it is very much appreciated.

I play the piano and also electronic keyboards. If you are a musician and reading this blog, hit me up, we could chill sometimes. I am currently trying to find a job which involves me playing the piano.

I usually go out at weekends for nightlife, and even though I don't have enough money to buy beers but I guess that'd be good thing since alcohol is not good for the body....................which I don't give a rat's shit about. I just like to go to pubs and bars to see the live bands and enjoy their music.

I also love to share my view on life's philosophies regarding to relationships with other people. I am just saying that I like to share my opinions so you don't have to accept my opinion. It is just from my point-of-view because it is nice to let go the unspoken thoughts and I admit, everyone needs it.

My field of study revolves around the business world so, pretty much I will relate a lot of my random posts with terms used in the economy and business.

Do you like to play video games? Well, there's this one particular game that I really love to play and I could spend the whole day just playing this same game. It is called World of Tanks. This is an online-multiplayer game where we drive tanks and shoot the enemy tanks until everyone on the opposition team is eliminated. If you happen to know the game and chances are you're pretty good at it, buzz me, we could platoon sometimes.
Note - I can play from Tier I until Tier X tanks so feel free,

I think that's pretty much it but I'm not sure. But I will be sure to attach some things throughout my posts if in case I left out some information.

Contact me:-
Call/SMS: 014-5552912
Whatsapp: 014-2181724

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Thanks again for your support.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Alex and Marcella's post-wedding

I was summoned from the bridal to serve two couples in their pre-wedding.. *well, sort of*

We started the session in the studio. Since the sun is still bright and it was brightening the whole studio so I grab that advantage so I can use the sun as my key light. A Jinbei M300B was placed nearby as my third-light, which take a role in both backlight, and background light. As for the fill light, I had utilized a really cheap external flash mounted on my hot-shoe. 
So there you have it, a three( more like four point because of the backlight + background light but I only used three lights) point lighting technique. 
p/s : Yes I am aware that the sun is a very strong light source. I used a curtain to diffuse it. =)

After having some fun in the studio, we migrates to our pre-wed location. Boy the wind was blowing hard. I mean really HARD! It's so hard that my brother's reflector which was a present for me to help me in my photography, flew a few times and I had to run to catch it. Anyways, I still get to catch this shot. 

Notice the bride's hair? That should show you guys the wind. And if you looked at the background, at the beach,  you will notice that there's soft-puffy-glowish thing filling the sea-shore. That is actually water-vapors that was brought from the sea by the wind. Yeah! It contains salt-vapor as well, WHICH IS NOT good for your lens.

A really nice pose which I really like to use especially against couples. HAHA! 
And by the way, just for your information, the veil was not held by my assistant or any person. The wind did that. I told you the wind were swift.

The groom asks me, whether he can make requests to take their picture or not. I replied, sure of course! So he brought his bride and ask me to follow him to this place where the fishermen hangs their fishing nets. Coincidentally, a pile of coconut leaves were stacked on the sand so they can sat there and they did. He explains on how to take the shot of what he had in mind. I think he meant this. HAHA! 
Credits to Tokina 12-24mm for it's super wide-angle here. The horizon is a bit slanted but, it doesn't REALLY matter to me because there's no harm in it.

I didn't forget to took a solo picture, one for the groom and another for the bride *below* . 
Posed and composed by me and I like the shot.  heh heh... 

Yeaaaaa man! that's what I was talking about. We stumbled across a new chalet built recently ( it wasn't there when I had my first photoshoot at the same place ), and the manager's assistant was asking if anything they could help out. We said we're fine but she lends us a key to one of the room anyways. Inside, there's a nice, plain, brown curtain. I noticed the outfit and the curtain's color was almost the same so maybe I said, just maybe I could create art with it. At least I created a fabulous lighting technique here. Thank you to the nearby creamy-wall which takes part as a light *flash* reflector. A bed-lamp was switched on to help the lighting.

And then we step outside of the chalet and just do a romantic pose, and shoot. The people nearby especially girls was looking at us probably thinking, ' aww how sweet! ', or maybe, ' seeing them makes me wanna marry sooner ', OR JUST MAYBE, 'OH! That young photographer is just so handsome'...  No I'm kidding but seriously, I guess I am. LOL! HAHAHAHAHA!

I had wish the veil's color was different than white *transparent white*, because in this picture, the veil and the sky just blends in with the same exposure. 
Well, this here is my favorite shot for the whole photo session. I accidentally blurred their faces but it turns out to be a good accident. 
And the photo is cropped, BIG CROP! 

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