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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little sis portrait.. Part II

Here we go again!
Another session of me and my little sister photoshoot.

Except this time, I used an excellent D-SLR camera..
Really, I cannot deny that having a DSLR really does make your picture go more................'satisfiable' with your picture..
Here it come..

First pose, I tried to make the picture looked like a 'mini-version' of Cinderella... The Disney character..
Which had her shoes missing..... Am I right? I don't watch them actually and I don't know the storyline.. LOL

It's like a princess,,,, intendedly put her other shoes, waiting sadly for a charming prince to put it on her feet..
I guess this went well? I suppose.. Needs more creativity though..

Hmm.. Next, I got an accident shot..
Her pose wasn't exactly what I had in mind but I guess this went fine too? 
She's like, a really serious, hot-tempered princess.. 
Same theme like the picture above, only a little bit more masculine and manly and stuff.. =P

Last but not least, I got a picture, which really satisfy me lots.. 
And it's a copycat picture that was stolen from my brother, Darren.

Darren's picture............. Only without the 'wow' mouth.. 
Background is also similar to his on another of his picture

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