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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little sis portrait.. Part III

Another one.. 
A whole portrait session but still the same girl.
I lack of good subjects to snap so she would do.

And since I have no more good equipments for doing portraits, I guess this will be the last of her album.
Yes I know the quote saying, ' it's not about the equipment that matters, it's about the photographer ', but keep in mind, having a compact camera really limits your images. 
Anyways, I still create great landscape and macro images with my Canon IXUS 95 IS excluding portrait photography, which I really like to do. 
With all the great 'bokeh's  and the sharp pictures, and all.. 

I was bored but have the urge to go outside and snap things.
Then a question emerged in my head saying, 'what should I snap?' ..
Trees? Dirt? Road?
I can create beautiful photos of that using only my compact camera so I decided to do a portrait session with my little sister.
Asked her to change into a preeeetty clothes that'll make you look like a princess and say to her that I would uploaded it to Facebook so all your 'abangs' can see you.
I personally think the picture above as my intro since it really looks like it.
It was hard because we were surrounded by jungles and there's a lot of mosquitoes and Hannah was whining and all.. *I really used 'and' repetitively ain't I?*

As for the picture above, she was getting bored so she was, um,,,,, staring to the ground?
Well, I played a nice role of composition utilizing the Rule of Thirds, but I'm not quite happy with the shot 'cause I can create better 'framing' composition using the bamboo leaves upon her.
At least I got my desired tones and color mood.. :)

And then she was humoring me, creating funny faces and all.
Most likely the picture is a candid one and it turned out decently.
Originally, this is an RGB picture, as in, colored picture but I post-processed it and turned it into Black and White.
Plus with the help of the handy Adobe Camera Raw, it was so damn easy to generate your desired toning. 
p/s yoyong : mimang sa pandai suda kali ni.. hahahaha..

I know she was getting tired then suffering against mosquito bites and,,,,,,,,,,,, nothing else. LOL
Firstly, I did a few poses on this one such as similar with the intro picture. 
I'd even asked her to jump but NO, that was a BAD idea. 
Concluding, I asked her to laugh like crazy so and so.
It turned out pretty natural I guess. Even though it was a made-up laughter.

Went back home, and change the lens from the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D which is excellent in portraits, to Tokina AT-X Pro SD 11-16mm f/2.8 (IF) DX.
An ultra wide lens that is really excellent in landscapes but can be utilized creatively in portraits photography. 
Above is the sample and it is a bit cropped due to it's ultra wideness, I can even see my feet in the frame. 
But composition is a little bit off so I decided to do another one. (Below) 
Now this is what I'm talking about.
Using the lens is a bit hard if you're not used to it. And if you lack of creativity I guess.
And YES! I AM aware of the distortion that causes the subject's head look slightly bigger than her body but I intended to do that. 
Because what I'd imagined at the moment is a picture somewhat similar like these.

There you go. The ultimate album of Hannah's portraits. 
And she is really happy because she's not going to do it anymore. ....

Anyways, I'm gonna post another post that includes behind the scenes, and undisplayed photos. 
n-joy! :) 

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For a little girl she has some excellent facial expressions.

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